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HCHC Blog Construction Video
Building Your Construction and Contractor Video Marketing

Let People In.  Stop Being Scared.  You Want Sales, Right?  Nothing gets the point across in advertising like video.  You can pepper the neighborhood with door hangers, but when the potential customer actually heads to the website, they had better be impressed.  A few things to...

HCHC Blog Everyoung
Ever Young Rebrand

M PAck Inc contacted us to rebrand their Ever Young Argan Oil Line.  The current offering was outdated, hard to read, and not getting a good response from consumers.  We set out to elevate the image of the company, slim down the amount of SKUs...

How to Set up Your Own Groupon site.
Groupon’s Spawn Making Landfall

Groupon and other similar sites took off like rockets a while ago. It’s stock opened at around $26/share in late 2011.  The ability for consumers to get unbelievable unique deals on a daily basis, presented to them in a clean and easy to use manner,...

Tampa Real Estate Website Development
Just Over the Bridge Website Build

The crew at JOTB wanted something with a black/white feel, that captured a slight hint of city. [caption id="attachment_2146" align="aligncenter" width="333"] Tampa Real Estate Website Development[/caption]...

HCHC Blog Trump
Bulldoze Your Competition Like Donald Trump

      With the Donald in the race, and people responding to what he is saying- and a large portion not responding well at all- what can we take from this as entrepreneurs? (This is not an endorsement, simply an observation).   You Can’t Please Everyone- Sub-categorize and dominate a sector....

MW Logo
Madison Wells Website Rebuild

Went with a bright, colorful theme that showcase's the agents bright, young personality. [caption id="attachment_2141" align="aligncenter" width="195"] Tampa Real Estate Website Development[/caption]...

Leslie Wells Realty Website Rebuild

A total rebranding and redo of the LWR website, starting from scratch and creating a content-generating, interesting place for all things real estate. Leslie has been in the business for a long time, so it was important to show off that expertise.     ...