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Building Your Construction and Contractor Video Marketing

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21 Feb Building Your Construction and Contractor Video Marketing

Let People In.  Stop Being Scared.  You Want Sales, Right? 

Nothing gets the point across in advertising like video.  You can pepper the neighborhood with door hangers, but when the potential customer actually heads to the website, they had better be impressed.  A few things to do with video on your website:



Clients want to know that the person they are going to be spending money and operating with a stand up guy with a solid operation.  By creating a few videos that walk them through some aspects of a couple of jobs, you are not only showcasing your expertise, but you are allowing them to become familiar with you as a person.  And that is key to getting them to picking up the phone and calling.

Tip: Give some direction at the end of the videos, or create a 5 second trailer that does so.  It can be to either subscribe to your channel, take advantage of a coupon code, or maybe follow you on Twitter.  But tell your audience what you want them to do next.


Sometimes a job is complete and it’s something as simple as repainting the house white again and installing new windows.  Other times it’s a total transformation.  If this is the case, DOCUMENT IT!  The bigger the transformation, the more impressive it becomes in the minds of investors and homeowners.   Not only will this impress visitors to your website, but it can serve as a model piece that you use for presentations going forward.

TIP: Make sure you are doing your video (or your pics to be used with the video) from the same locations.   Doing a cross-room shot of the kitchen needs to be done from teh exact two same places to give it the best effect after edited.


I have heard the following quite often from contractors and builders:  “Why would I want to show my customer how to do this themselves?  I want them to pay me to do it?”…  The answer is simple.  You are establishing yourself as an expert. If they want to do it themselves, the information is already out there.  Maybe they already know how to do it themselves, and simply don’t have the time.  Regardless, when you give free, meaningful content online, you are only further cementing yourself as a leader in the field.  It won’t cost you any sales, it only creates them.

TIP: Not every DIY video needs to focus on the day to day tasks.  You can also show how you juggle the work, how you deal with employees, etc.  All of these help to further cement you as an expert who knows his/her stuff.


A few of the videos we have done for a local Tampa client as of late:



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