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Bulldoze Your Competition Like Donald Trump

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11 Aug Bulldoze Your Competition Like Donald Trump




With the Donald in the race, and people responding to what he is saying- and a large portion not responding well at all- what can we take from this as entrepreneurs?

(This is not an endorsement, simply an observation).


You Can’t Please Everyone-

Sub-categorize and dominate a sector. Trump is showing how to segment a marketplace into categories and focus on grabbing 100% of a section.  Better to have 100% of a quarter than 8% of the whole thing, right?

Be a Human Wrecking Ball to Industry

Don’t worry about the norms, or “that’s how it’s done”. Anytime you hear that, you know that industry is ripe for disruption.  Our political industry being an obvious example.  People tire of the same ol’ same ol’, so give them something new.

Call Out Competitors-

When you see something bad, let them know about it. Just because you are the outsider does not mean you have to bow down to your competitors.  People take notice of an underdog that doesn’t mind barking loudly.  Give them what they want.

Hammer Home Your Brand-

Consistently grind on 3 core values. Trump slams home on immigration, trade and incompetency.  Usually, when your company message contains more core bullet points than around three, the message gets muddy. Keep it to a few, and repeat frequently.

Take It to the Streets-

Sometimes the “show behind the show” is more entertaining. Everyone was wondering what Trump must have been thinking during the debate, and afterwards, he took to twitter and let everyone know.  When the event is over, engage your fans and keep the show going.  It provides a realness they can’t get at formal occasions.


At the end of the day you can’t be everything to everyone.  There is something to be said for the saying “If you aren’t pissing someone off, you aren’t pushing the envelope hard enough”.   Be fearless and be bold.  Stay consistent on your brand message and don’t be afraid to let people into your personal life via social media.  It’s the Donald Trump way.  It’s not for everyone, but it might work for you.

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