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Identity - HCHC Advertising
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We see how companies try to brand themselves through their television commercials all the time, but there are so many more aspects that create an identity.  From your logo to your uniform design to the design of your location to the types of products you provide, the opportunities to shape an image are endless.


Identity Items We Can Take Care of For You:


  • Branding/Positioning Strategy
  • Company Imaging and Naming
  • Web and Print Development
  • Paraphernalia and Promotional Items


We specialize in not only building that initial impactful identity at the ground level, but coming into existing organizations and finding creative avenues to further exemplify the branding.  


Branding is tough.  Re-Branding is even tougher because certain things are entrenched.  That being said, it’s all necessary.   And it’s likely a difference maker between success or failure.
“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living…”

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