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Our view on the state of media is simple:  It’s changing insanely fast.


Currently we are big fans of any short form video, streaming and virtual reality applications.  While television commercials are still the most impactful, it is vital that the production includes creating video content geared towards the client’s website and social platforms as well.  Consumers are transitioning across mediums with ease, and staying on point with the current message is uber important.  


When we create commercial packages for companies, we include- for free- all of your made for social content as well.  If you are running a car ad, the content you need for your social accounts needs to be the same vibe and overall message, but tailored for that medium.  Instagram is not TV, and Facebook is not radio.  This is vitally important to creating a streamlined message.


If commercials are not your thing, the following will improve your company dramatically:


  • Made for social micro content that focuses on advertisements, how-to’s or behind the scene footage
  • Short films that showcase your product or service in an entertaining yet subtle manner
  • Instructional videos that can save your company time and money
  • Celebrity/Reality content series made for online viewers


The possibilities are endless.  But at the end of the day, you MUST realize one thing.  EVERYTHING IS MEDIA NOW.  If you don’t accept where our world is and capitalize on it, you WILL get left behind.  
“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.”

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