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Pokemon Go: A Marketer’s Global Scavenger Hunt

Pokemon Go for Marketing Strategy

20 Jul Pokemon Go: A Marketer’s Global Scavenger Hunt

I got a Pikachu!!  Holy crap, I have been hunting this guy forever!!


Unless you have been living in a cave -assuming there are no Bulbasaurs in there- then you have heard of (and most likely witnessed) the Pokemon craze sweeping the nation.  People of all ages are walking around town, hanging out at strange places at strange hours, and almost creating a “Night of the Living Dead” type of scenario once the sun goes down.


So what’s it all about?  


Basically you wander around attempt to capture various creatures.  They appear randomly, and they are all over. But here is the catch: The “map” you are using is an actual GPS-like map that mimics all the roads and building in your neighborhood.  Actually in your state.  Actually the entire country.  Actually this thing has gone global.


Thats right.  With over 47 million downloads as of July 20th, Pokemon is connecting people from all over.  As if catching little furry animals outside your house by following a real life map is not interesting enough, the makers of the game, Nintendo (who, with this incredible breakthrough in gaming have eclipsed Sony in market value this past month) have chosen various high traffic locations- yes, actual locations, as in Jimbos BBQ in Tampa, FL – that users can battle each other or charge up their charecter.


Stop and think about this.  A game, that is taking the country by storm, that has the ability to get people out from in front of their TV’s and Playstations, and into society.  Specifically certain stores.  Foot traffic.


This is where it gets interesting going down the road.  What we have with Pokemon Go is basically a modern day scavenger hunt, utilizing the technology we currently have and crushing a home run with it.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where this can lead to, in terms of prizes, sponsorships, paid featuring, etc etc etc.
The real question is how can your business take advantage of this for the next go around.  Nintendo surely has some ideas.  What are yours?

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