Why Every Business Should Be A Meerkat

How can I use Meerkat for My Business?

26 May Why Every Business Should Be A Meerkat

There are a few trends across the globe that are here to stay . Everyone is becoming more connected. With more connection means less privacy. And with less privacy for one’s self people begin to respect other’s even less. Demanding access whenever they please. Have you gotten upset when you call someone and they don’t answer? Most likely you have. Most likely we all have.

So that is our reality in business. And being that everyone has a smartphone at this point, our ability to communicate via social connections is instant and accessible to almost everyone in the USA.

People want access. They want access to everything, in as real of a fashion as possible. This has been the challenge for businesses in the world of social media; How do I get my company into the party as “one of the guys” and not as a clichéd shameless used car salesman?

Well, nothing is more personal than an actual conversation with someone from a company, face to face. Being that it’s impossible to pull that off in scale, we take the next best thing: Video.

And now enter Meerkat.

Meerkat is an app that livestreams via your device directly through twitter, to anyone who wants to watch and listen. Granted, there are a few other applications that have been out there that stream video effectively, but Meerkat (or Periscope, the other application on Twitter for livestreaming) has a leg up on them because it is ran through your social network, which is most likely much more developed and real than the viewers you may find on other applications.


Why Meerkat is Mandatory for Your Business:

1. Bring People In- People don’t like faceless companies. In this age of instant communication and connectivity, customers want more from the companies they do business with than a lame “thank-you-for-your-purchase” email (handwritten notes would actually be better).  How better to bring massive amounts of people in on a personal level than speaking directly with them via video on your phone?

2. Lead from the Front- Tech is taking over everything, there is hardly an aspect of our lives that some app cannot be tied to it. This is not going away, so you can either be at the leading edge of the trend, or you can be last to the party. Needless to say you want to be in front.

3. Real Answers to Real Questions- When you are live in action, doing or speaking about whatever topic you chose that day, the ability of viewers to ask real, meaningful questions is un-parelled. And then that questions spurs a new one, which spurs a new and better one, etc etc etc. Its that wonderful thing called communication.


Ok, so this is going to give your company an edge using it. Great. But how? What are you going to do with it? Here’s a few basic ideas:

1. Q & A – As previously stated, doing live Q and A is a great way to give valuable information on your service or product straight to the customers. Possibly even show them what you are talking about with a live demonstration. This is great and informal way to put faces to your company.

2. Event Pregame- Ok, so obviously you want to stream your event, but take a few minutes and bring in your base before the event kicks off. Show the prepping, the setup, the practicing, etc. People love this stuff because it’s the real side of things.

3. Classes- How about starting an educational series on your field? Broadcast through Meerkat and have someone taking a list of the questions to be addressed at the end. One topic per broadcast. Doesn’t have to be 20 minutes, unless you want to really get into the questions and answers.


Once you get going, you will start to realize many more opportunities to give your customers something extra, something more than your competition is. Partnering with a marketing firm through this process will usually increase your results significantly (shameless plug).


A couple other cool things about Meerkat:

1. Poof! It’s Gone- Streams are not stored on the website or a profile after they are done, they are just gone. Similar to Snapchat (Periscope leaves theirs up for 24 hrs). While this does have some downsides, there are upsides: It creates a strong sense of urgency. Scarcity. If you are going to offer an incredible coupon code, and its going to be there for that couple of minutes and that’s it, it’s a stronger desire to tune in than if its searchable afterwards.

2. Coming Up Next- Meerkat allows you to schedule a stream, providing you the link to promote ahead of time. Again, think scarcity when promoting this. It’s a once in a month opportunity, etc.


So there you have it. Why is Meerkat the next big thing, why you need it and a few quick concepts to get you started. Just remember: Ideas are a dime a dozen. Its putting them into action that is the difference maker. If you are strapped for time, there are some companies out there that specialize in helping others with their marketing 🙂

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